South Canterbury Outfitters - AlaskaAlaska

South Canterbury Outfitters offers the very best dall sheep hunting, caribou hunting, moose hunting, grizzly bear hunting, brown bear hunting, wolf hunting, and goat hunting. You will experience the finest hunting Alaska has to offer. We are dedicated to a true Alaskan adventure and have successfully guided our clients in the most productive big game rich areas of the state. South Canterbury Outfitters works with only the most successful Master Guides of Alaska and offer full hunt packages or guide services.

South Canterbury Outfitters AlaskaThe Alaska Department of Fish and Game organizes hunting grounds into 26 Game Management Units, the main big game hunting regions follow the main geographic and climate regions in Alaska.

  • The North Slope or Arctic region and Western Alaska are known for their moose, caribou, bison, wolf, musk ox, and some bear hunting possibilities.
  • The Interior has moose, caribou, bison, Dall sheep, wolves and bears to a lesser degree.
  • Southcentral Alaska has many of the others previously listed, in addition to mountain goat and wolverine.
  • Southeast Alaska has populations of the previously listed species with excellent Sitka blacktailed deer hunting opportunities.

With our wealth of hunting experience and professional capability we are considered a premier Alaskan big-game trophy guiding service.

South Canterbury Outfitters - ColoradoColorado

South Canterbury Outfitters provide a professional hunting and outfitting service with experienced Colorado mountain guides. We specialize in trophy elk hunts and also offer great hunting for deer, antelope, bighorn sheep and moose. We offer fully guided hunts set in the Colorado backcountry as well as drop camps and a pack service for experienced hunters who want to go on their own. Colorado is the home of the world’s largest herd of migratory elk. This beautiful country contains all of the geographic features associated with prime Colorado elk hunting country. Elevations range from 8,000′ to 11,400′ across this terrain, covering the movement of the elk from their summer habitat to their winter ranges across the hunting seasons. Our hunts are conducted on the some of the best areas the state has to offer.

South Canterbury Outfitters - WyomingWyoming

If you want to hunt antelope, you’ve come to the right place. Wyoming has more antelope than all the rest of the continent, and harvest success commonly exceeds 85%. Pronghorn, called antelope here, are found only in western North America. For top quality antelope hunting, you can’t beat Wyoming! We offer both antelope-only hunts as well as multi-species hunts. We often see success rates on our antelope hunts of 100%. We offer pronghorn antelope hunting from either motels or camps including both wall tents and lodge camps. All of our antelope hunts take place on private leases. License draw rates vary from year to year but we hunt many areas that draw at 100%. The hunting license application deadline is March 15th of each year.

All Wyoming antelope hunt areas are managed under a limited quota framework, meaning there are a set number of licenses valid for each specific hunt area. All hunt areas have full-price “any” antelope licenses (Type 0, 1, 2 or 9). Most hunt areas also provide reduced-price limited quota “doe/fawn” licenses (Type 6, 7 or 8), which can be obtained separately or in addition to a full-price license. After the license draw has been held, hunters can purchase a second “any antelope” license in specific hunt areas, if still available. “Any antelope” licenses still available after the draw are typically found in areas that are predominately private land, so hunters are encouraged to line up access before buying the license. Hunters may purchase up to four doe/fawn antelope licenses, only two of which can be obtained through the draw.

South Canterbury Outfitters is Wyoming’s Premier Outfitter when it comes to hunting Wyoming Antelope. Please give us a call to plan your next trip to beautiful Wyoming!

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